Tomislav BišćanAdvisor / Block-chain Developer

Tomi -
Areas of expertise
  • Co-founder of knowledge solutions
  • Software Development
  • Business Planning
  • Innovation Management
  • Block-Chain Technology
  • Block-Chain Smart Contracts
  • E-learning
  • Co-founder of knowledge solutions provider company Cognita since 2004 –  2016
  • Experienced Chief Officer with a demonstrated history in the software industry
  • Skilled in Software Development

Tomislav is an entrepreneur and experienced chief officer with a demonstrated history in the software industry. Strong information technology professional skilled in Software Development, Business Planning, Innovation Management, Blockchain, and E-learning. Co-founder of knowledge solutions provider company Cognita since 2004. Since 2016. heavily involved in blockchain technology, smart contracts, and a fintech movement. Proficient in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain architecture and software development. Currently positioned as a lead technology officer for LatAm fintech company Minka working on a Banking-as-a-Service platform built as an Open API.

  • Partnerships in African Countries, Europe, America, and Asia to Administrate P2P Loans. | Offer Vault Storage for Precious Metal Token Holders. | Private Blockchain with Z Technology.

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  • AssetBase Tokenizing of Assets for Individuals and Businesses. | Precious Metal Credit Card Linked to the AssetBase Exchange so Individuals can Spend their Precious Metal Tokens Anywhere with a Credit Card. | Easy to Use Smart Wallet for Android and Apple devises. | Four Asset Classes Ready for Individuals to Tokenize their Personal Assets. |

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  • Marketing Campaign for Awareness and Adoption. | Precious Metal Crypto Further Development. | P2P Loans Development. | SAP Protocol Development.

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