Amber BrightTeam / Foundation Lead

Areas of Expertise
  • Trust & Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management division
  • Foundation Consulting
  • Financial Management
  • Foundation Trust Management
  • BBA in Trust & Wealth Management from Campbell University
  • Wealth Management division

Amber holds a BBA in Trust & Wealth Management from Campbell University. Following graduation, she spent five years climbing the corporate ladder in the Wealth Management division at one of the nation’s largest banks. Today, she leverages her financial background to bring awareness and enthusiasm to the cryptocurrency space.

  • Partnerships in African Countries, Europe, America, and Asia to Administrate P2P Loans. | Offer Vault Storage for Precious Metal Token Holders. | Private Blockchain with Z Technology.

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  • AssetBase Tokenizing of Assets for Individuals and Businesses. | Precious Metal Credit Card Linked to the AssetBase Exchange so Individuals can Spend their Precious Metal Tokens Anywhere with a Credit Card. | Easy to Use Smart Wallet for Android and Apple devises. | Four Asset Classes Ready for Individuals to Tokenize their Personal Assets. |

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  • Marketing Campaign for Awareness and Adoption. | Precious Metal Crypto Further Development. | P2P Loans Development. | SAP Protocol Development.

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