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Incredible Ecosystem

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The Assetbase platform fills the legal gap between the real world and the Blockchain. Making business easier, faster, and more secure using Blockchain technology.

Using the Assetbase ecosystem, individuals and businesses can divide their investments between various services. This ecosystem consist of five major platforms that go hand in hand.

  • High Yielding P2P Loans 
  • Personal Asset Tokenizing 
  • Decentralized atomic Exchange
  • Precious Metal Tokens
  • Incentivized P2P  education
  • Pay Outs
Instant Wealth. Instant Profits.

Prime Token = Wealth

Prime Token (PDT) is a utility token that gives You Instant Access to Payouts, Discounts, and Membership to the Assetbase Council and Exchange.

Wealth in every token. All asset and precious metal tokens in the Assetbase incredible ecosystem pays out to your wallet when transferred. 100% of payouts get sent to holders of the Prime Token (YOU).

Proven With Real Results

Turn Key Solution

Assetbase Foundation is growing this exciting new ecosystem to become the all-in-one turn key solution for people and business to benefit from the Blockchain.

Giving power back to the people – The Assetbase Foundation’s board  is made up of people like you who own at least 10k PRIME utility tokens (PDT). If you own 10k Prime Tokens, we encourage you to sign up, to be placed on the council so you can help guide this Foundation with your ideas.

We are Giving You a Chance to

Join the Assetbase Foundation

Assetbase – Has a development team like no other, that includes full time developers as well as volunteers, who are developing and building this ecosystem at a record pace and ahead of schedule on every front.


billion USD — expected coin transfers  by 2020


million expected individuals to use this ecosystem worldwide


of all Profits are payed out quarterly


ahead, as there is no current competitors

1 Prime token price

$1 USD

Initial Fund Raiser Supply



How it all Started

The Beginning ( Complete ) Market Research | Technical Feasibility Assessment | Team Setup Complete
November 2016
1Q 2017 Feedback from Crypto Experts | Community Feedback and Consultation | White Paper Development
January 2017
2Q 2017 (Complete) User Login for Asset Coin Acquisition | Precious Metal Acquisition | AssetBase Development | Eco System Development Started
April 2017
3Q 2017 (Complete) (PDT) Contract Developed | Reached 23 Volunteers for AssetBase Foundation | Precious Metal Contracts Developed | Legal Structure Reviewing | Foundation Structure | Referral Program Setup
July 2017
4 Q 2017 (Complete) Smart Contract Security Testing | Precious Metal Smart Contract Security Testings | Full Funding Received for First Phase on Project | Development Complete on Precious Metal Tokens | Development Complete on Legal Structure
October 2017
1Q 2018 (Complete) Precious Metal Tokens are Released to the Public | Minting More Precious Metal Tokens | Web Login for Users Open for the Public | AssetBase Tokens are Listed on Exchanges | Continue Getting on More Exchanges
January 2018
2Q 2018 Fundraiser for Phase Two Starts | AssetBase Decentralized Exchange Complete | Marketing Campaign for Mass Adoption | Development Started on P2P Investing | Contacting a Network of People in Latin America to Administrate P2P Loans | In Talks with Insuring SAP | In Talks With Online Market Places to Accept Precious Metal Tokens as a
April 2018
3Q 2018 Marketing Campaign for Awareness and Adoption. | Precious Metal Crypto Further Development. | P2P Loans Development. | SAP Protocol Development.
July 2018
4Q 2018 AssetBase Tokenizing of Assets for Individuals and Businesses. | Precious Metal Credit Card Linked to the AssetBase Exchange so Individuals can Spend their Precious Metal Tokens Anywhere with a Credit Card. | Easy to Use Smart Wallet for Android and Apple devises. | Four Asset Classes Ready for Individuals to Tokenize their Personal Assets. |
October 2018
1Q 2019 Partnerships in African Countries, Europe, America, and Asia to Administrate P2P Loans. | Offer Vault Storage for Precious Metal Token Holders. | Private Blockchain with Z Technology.
January 2019
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Token Sale

How to Get Our Tokens

Start: May 1, 2018, Tuesday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $2m
Soft cap: $5m
Token: Prime (PDT)
Exchange rate: $1 USD = 1 Prime Token
Project protocol: SAP

Payment Methods

Prime Token Contract Address

The following address is for the Prime Token
(PDT) contract. If you send ETH to this address during the fundraiser it will automatically send you Prime tokens at the current rate.


How are the Funds Used

Development – both to raise awareness and finish phase two of this ecosystem – Assetbase has finished the first phase of this ecosystem and has developed SAP, Precious metal tokens, and the decentralized exchange. We are moving forward now to get rapid adoption worldwide.

  • 30% to Peer-to-Peer and exchange Development
  • 20% to Personal tokenization of assets
  • 10% to Development in Private blockchain
  • 20% Research and Development
  • 15% Promotion
  • 5% to Charity